When you purchase with us, you also purchase peace of mind with our Justtrucks advantage:

• We offer Free Lifetime Maintenance, we will cover your oil changes, rotate your tires every 6 months and change your windshield wipers every year to keep you prepared for the monsoon season.

• Every vehicle come with a 3 month 3k miles warranty - we have you covered for the first 90 days you own your vehicle.

• Love it or Swap it - If you get the vehicle home and it just doesn’t fit the family like you thought, bring it back in and exchange it for one you love!

• Best Value Guaranteed - If you find the same vehicle, with the same benefits at a better complete offer we will refund you the difference plus $100.00!!

What this means to you is that you can’t buy a bad car, you can’t the wrong car and you can’t get a bad deal with us. Fill out the form below to get enrolled!

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Tucson, AZ 85706
Phone (520)500-7026
Fax (520)888-0785


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